Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wealth of Knowledge- 02/25/2009

Story of Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass

I got this idea from the road trip we took this weekend. Evan, Phil, Matt, Gonzo, Will, and myself all piled into two cars and drove down to Austin this weekend for Walburg and Pacebend Road Races. The hole trip was loads of fun, Gonzo going off on every single person for the dumbest things, Matt yelling at him for his trash, Phill and Evan's homosexual activities (well more talks the actually action), and of course I couldn't get enough of Will's wealth of knowledge.

I always knew Will was an intelligent young fellow, but some of things he said, were so out there-- most of the time Me and Matt would just think for a minute, and let what was just said marinate in our minds for a second, then ask Will... "And how do you know this?" Each time we would either get some long drawn out story about how he learned it, or just a simple-- "I don't know I just do." Of course it was just Matt and myself most of time that would hear these random acts of intelligence that Will would bless us with, for Gonzo though was knocked out in the car. He would fall asleep after being in the car for 5 minutes, no matter how long the trip was. We all came to the realization though that these sudden narpaleptic scenarios, were not all that bad for him. We figured that any sleep is good sleep, so props to you Gonzo, super sleeper.

As I sit here in front of the computer screen I cant for the life of me remember any of these random lectures from The Thrill, so i proceed to text Will for some enlightenment on what was said during our long weekend together, and this is what i get in return...

"There was too much knowledge spoken!"

I open my phone to see that and I cant help but laugh. Will this is a tribute to you, the man that keeps me going on those Wednesday Night Rides, the one who will be down about a race but in an hour will put it all behind him, and go on with his life, the man who's job it is to make everyone happy, and keep them guessing "What will Will say next?", you truly are "The Man"

Following this post, will come many others about The Wealth of Knowledge, i plan to write a book on Will and all that he has to offer to anyone who can take what he's got.

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Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass said...

that was the best tribute ever ol friend, without a doubt the best tribute were tuggin' on my heart-strings