Wednesday, February 4, 2009

With Out a Job :( - 02/04/2009

So as some of you may have known i have been working at Western Warehouse for the past 2 months or so. Sadly though they have closed down for good. I spent last saturday actually after my ride cleaning out the store with some of the other employees saying are final good byes. So as of saturday i am with out a job. I have been with out a job before but my parents would like me to get a new one as soon as possible. This is harder then i thought i have been looking around for places that would require me to do some sort of manuel work, which i know isn't really all that good for my cycling and all, but i really don't like having to deal with people all the time. Like working at restaurant would kill me with the constant, oh i need this or more of that. I just couldn't take it. So this is a call for help, if any one knows of a place hiring or any club members out that know of a place that would hire a hard working kid trying to make some money to travel when he needs to and can give me adjustable hours..... Yea thats asking alot, but a wise man once told me... " Asking can only get your farther in life, or behind in life. Not asking can put you no where"... So yes this a call for any kind of help that i can get. Thank you, and keep rubber side down.

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