Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special - 02/14/2009

At the computer, looking to see if the VOS results were finally posted, which they were and good job guys, congrats Whitney on a top 15! I over look the monitor to hear the ruckus of a Wal-Mart Auto Repair Shop, but am disappointed to see Matthew Davis putting together a Thule Sports Rack in the middle of Mad Duck. I looked at Matt with my head cocked to the side like a dog does when they cant understand you, but really they can, they just think your an idiot sitting there talking to them like they are the idiots. Hahaha that was a little confusing, but anyways, i asked Matt if he was having trouble and he would persistently say No, im fine. But even Helen Keller could have noticed he was having trouble with this rack, but no, hard headed Matt wasn't going to have any help with it, he was determined to be smarter than the Rack. It finally took Clarence walking over there, looking at Matt and very discouragingly pointing out to Matt that it would be a lot easier if he had the drill. Matt gave in with a huff and a sigh and said alright, i guess that makes since. All of us up at the shop enjoying this circus act thought it couldn't get any better until Clarence went back to get the drill and proceeded to help Matt in his efforts to build this Thule Rack. Suddenly this one man show turned into a two man operation and it just made it better to watch. Finally they got it all built after about 30 min of work put into it. Good job Matt, Your so special! 


Cdawg said...

Easy on Helen Keller Junior....she was hot in her day.....and she probably would of thought you were hot too! Besides, even I can score with DD&B (if their sense of smell and sense of shaking is off too)

Cant argue with two monkeys and football circus....even if I was one of the monkeys.

Love ya longtime


Austin Robison said...

Hahaha yea i suppose that was kinda harsh, but hey it came to me instantly and well i threw up against the wall, and what ya know it stuck, so i went with it.

Remember the Alamo

Cdawg said...

Not so harsh, sometimes the truth hurts. After another semi successful match with another rack, I must conclude that Maximo Von Davis and I have limited opportunities in the Blue Collar field, however, with your skill and current education level, I say drop out and embrace the blue.