Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep On Keep'n On- 02/13/2009

Two sets leg press and squat left on the schedule. My thighs, i can feel, are being to tighten up. I can feel my body tearing it self down and getting stronger at the same time, but my mind can not decide whether to keep on it, or take a break.

  On one side i wake up at 5:45 am monday wednesday, and friday morning to come up here and mutilate my self with vigorous workouts and constant pressure to be stronger, to get stronger. Now on the other side, my body cant wait to wake up in the morning to a Harvest Brand, Whole Wheat Bagel, topped with Smuckers All Natural Organic Peanut Butter, and a glass, no a draft or OJ with all the pulp they can put. Head up to the gym listening to Disturbed, and head banging the whole way, trying to fool my mind into thinking that its a good idea to wake up this early. Finishing my workout, sitting in the sauna for 15 min, where you can see the water beading off of you like your some polarized rain jacket. Stepping on the scale to see that you have lost no weight at all, but feeling good about it cause you know that you have gained muscle, and every one knows muscle weighs more than fat so its OK to not loose weight. You get home feeling great, refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Thats how they should go every time.

Today was different, i didn't feel right. I mean i felt fine waking up this morning and eating my breakfast, heading to the gym, doing my first couple sets, but coming up to those last two. I didn't think I could make it. I had a set of leg press, 450 lbs., set of squat, 180 lbs., set of leg press, 500 lbs., set of squat, 200 lbs., and then two last sets of squat both at 220 lbs. Looking at my workout sheet was like looking at a failing grade, a ticket, your taxs, I couldn't bare the sight of those last few sets that wait for me, just sitting there like the devil would be, just cackling about the whole situation. I wanted to turn my back and walk away from it all. 

A man once told me on a smoggy cold morning in Arizona, just before a race was starting. We were all warming up and I was just sitting there all alone, just thinking about the race, i kept saying to myself win, win at all cost, don't give in to the pain, just keep on going. This man came to me while I was there in my lonesome and said a few words to me that would change the way I look at not only cycling but life in general... This is what he told me.

" You know, Austin, you have to remember, they are all out here for the same reason, they all want to win, they all train just as hard, and you all will be hurting the same. So when your out there on your last bit or strength, remember they are on theirs too. So all you can do is just keep on keep'n on!"            - Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass

Those few little words change the way I look at everything, and help me get through every workout I have ever done on or off the bike. So you just have to remember these 4 little words

"Keep On Keep'n On"

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