Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Round Up- 02/16/2009

Weekend report starts with siting down at the computer with a nice hot cup of joe... nah just kidding i dont drink that stuff at night. They say that it is bad to drink coffee after like 7-8 i think. So instead i sit infront of the tv watching my favorite tv show on earth, Heros, and snuggling up close to my recently new girlfriend Lindsay. I hope all of yall will be able to meet
her sometime. She is doing her history homework and me just working on my blog. I took a vow to update my blog more than once week, and to keep up with Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass's posts. I seem to be keeping up with my more than once week, but i am disappointed to say that Will has not, and i am sad about that. I usually can not wait to get home a take a look at what he has to say. Will you are an itellegent man and you have a lot going on up there in you big cabeza so just let it all out. I know that some of us will not be able to handle what you have to say, but seriously let it out.

Sunday was a fun day out on the bike. I went and rode with the guys from the shop for a short little coffee shop ride. Its always fun to chill out with some club guys, and some guys that aren't club members either. Its the greatest feeling in the world when you pull into a parking lot and you know you can just sit there for about an hour with a cup of coffee and your regular riding buddies, just sitting there talking about life.

Its the final lap of the Finals at World Cup in Copenhagen and Hoy hits kevin Sireau's front wheel, and Sir Chris Hoy goes down bruising his shoulder and sctraching up his right side. Its an unfortuanate accident, because Hoy has the World Track Championship's comming up in March so he needs to get bettter soon, so he can keep his current wolrd titles in the Kieren and Sprint. Good luck Hoy cant wait to see you win.

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Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass said...

sitting in your chamois for an hour?! That is just plain stupid if you can avoid it my son. I thought I taught you better...