Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starting up again. 01/13/2009

Back to the gym from a 2 week break of being sick, doesn't feel all that good. I am though, getting skinny, i cant wait for me to be in shape again and to be back on the track racing. 

On another note, i have final exams this week and start my new class's this next week. I hate school so much sometimes, with all the little kids talking about how much fun they have over the weekends, and all the crazy fun stuff they have planned.... i cant wait for road trips again. 
Like the Louisianna trip, wow that was fun! Me and Will had to pull over to the side the of the road! haha well i will just let me of will finish that one for you in person. Oh and the time Me, Nat and our old friend Parker were coming back from florida. Thats a story for the books. Oh just to let everyone know Parker is doing great, i talk to him on a regular daily basis and he is as happy as ever, so no worries. 

Im sorry i missed out on team camp guys, i heard it was a lot of fun. I hope soon i am able to sit down with those of you i dont know and get to know you. I hope that i can help anyone out aswell from out of town with living, i have a queen size bed that is open for short term stay. I believe once Christian gets back into the states he will be living with me, but until then if anyone would like a place to stay, just let me know.

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