Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Flat- 01/31/2009

Started the Saturday ride today feeling not to hot about having to ride, but once we got out a little ways and i got started talking to my buddy Will Radar, yes i said Radar. You know the guy that invented the threadless headset... Oh yea, well i do! Its his dad John Radar. Anyways back to my story, i was feeling pretty good, ready for my usual 2 hour ride at a good pace. As i started my turn around though, to head back to the shop, i had a flat! I was so furious! This is the 4 flat i have had in a month! So i am taking a stand against all flats. Gator Skin tires, and slim tubes! I'm going to start a revolution against flats! Lets all take a stand! So yea thats pretty much how my morning went. Seeing Will Snodgrass was good. I havents seen him in ages. I wish we could have had more time to chat though, but he was off doing his thing at the front of the group, and well those who know me know i dont like the front. Well thats all she wrote, so best of wishes to all and stay good.

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