Sunday, January 25, 2009

Training- 1/25/2009

So i am getting everything back together and start training again. I have been slacking off a little, and was maybe thinking of quitting, but i thought about it and there are a lot of people have supported me over the years and i cant let them done. So thank you, to everyone that has been helping me out and i am back on track and will getting stronger than ever. 
I am currently working on getting my allergies taken care of thought. Im not sure what the problem is but its not good. I wake up every morning coughing cause i cant breath through my nose, but hopefully it will get better.
Cant wait to see yall out on the road. Best wishes and keep rubber side down.


Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass said...

good dude. don't quit. everyone quits. I was wandering why I hadn't seen you in some time.

Austin Robison said...

yea thats one reason, but the other thing is that i dont ride as much as you guys anyways. Pretty much saturday's and sunday's, then a couple days in the week, but for the most part its wake up, eat, gym, school, gym, eat, sleep, repeat.