Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally a Crash!- 03/04/2009

Cleaning your wounds is always a fun job. Trying to take a shower while the water pierces your wounds like the enemies invading a front line. You try and hold it in but the steam is just so unbearable. Your bath tub filling with red. If you haven't guessed it already i went down tonight at the wednesday night ride out at Exxon. A rider was in front of me and bumped Lee which sent him in to a downward spiral right in front of me. I had no other option but to run right over his rear wheel. I hope i didn't damage it. So down i go, well really up before down but it all ended up in the same place, me curled up in a ball clinching to the ground hoping no one would hit coming around the corner. Oh yea that just added to the madness the crash took place around a 90 degree turn, with probable around 50-60 riders go through the turn and i went down in the top 15. Now i no your saying to your self that, thats impossible cause i cant ride in the top 15, haha but i was. You better look out this weekend, im ready. But anyways back to the crash, so the turn is one lane which goes into two, and we were doing i'd say 25-27 mph so as i laid on the ground all i could think about was how bad its going to hurt when i get hit, not if i get hit but when i get hit. Luckily that never happened and i survived with just a couple of scrapes, no big deal.  This is the tire burn i got from Jenn's wheel. Yes tire burn, a guy in front of me crossed over my wheel and she drove straight in to the back of my leg, no biggie though it wasn't her fault she didn't have anywhere else to go, i kinda came right into here.
The other picture is a side shot of my leg, right below my knee is a knot about the size of a 50 cent coin, right on the front of my leg, its pretty crazy. Wish me luck recovering i only have 2 days. Be ready 3's im coming!