Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belgiums Rade the House! 03/10/2008

So Christian has official moved in, and taken over the house. Haha not really but it was nice today to have some one to come home and ride with. Filling up my bottles with water about to go ride, and looking over and seeing Christian in his kit and ready to go as well, just checking his tire pressure, i think to myself wow, this is what a team is about. Every body staying together eating together, showering in the same bath, and doing every thing together. It really brings everyone together and i cant wait to see what are relationship is like in a couple of months. I just wish the team had one house to stay in. All of us just in one big house all coexisting together. It would be great.

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Will "The Thrill" Snodgrass said...

I like the idea of sharing the same bathwater. Just take weekly turns of who gets in first